Hartford-based company relays employers' good intentions through branded merchandise.

In this time of distance and uncertainty, a sense of belongingness is one of the greatest gifts a person can ever receive. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the workforce to leave their conducive spaces, limit interactions virtually, and bring only small mementos from their company. However, it doesn't mean that organizational culture should fizzle out. Business leaders must recalibrate and find creative ways to show appreciation and nurture their relationship with employees.

As a third-generation company that serves several divisions within 170 brands globally, Wynston & Co can help. Wynston & Co provides remarkably crafted items with business branding and logo inscriptions as a way of giving their employees a sense of cultural belonging.

Unlike most of its competitors, the company sells and customizes only high-end brand-name goods and apparel. Among the brands they customize are Under Armour, YETI, Columbia, PUMA, The North Face, Nike, Corkcicle, Thule, JBL, Carhartt, Herschel, Logitech, Mont Blanc, Samsung, and many more.

Employees are a company's greatest asset which is why it's essential to make them feel valued.  Making them feel special also boosts the company's overall productivity and morale. One of the bland practices that businesses have been doing to achieve this is sending out Amazon gift cards. While this may be favorable for some, employers can do more than just give their people such generic gifts. The gift card recipient will experience temporary bliss but no lasting connection with the brand. The managers then need to think of another tactic in the following quarter to connect with their people.

It's high time to promote one's brand through tasteful branded gifts, not only to retain your employees but also to increase engagement and subsequently, productivity. That silent sense of community is worth more than the brief satisfaction of helping them buy another audiobook.

"We have been focusing on doing whatever it takes to help clients build their brand," says the patriarch of the Wynston & Co family, Mr. Waskey. They provide a variety of crafted items to choose from and personalize with a company logo. Once the selection of products is complete, they work with the artisans and suppliers to deliver the requirement. In six easy steps, freshly branded merchandise can be delivered to the front door of a company's valued employees.

Furthermore, Wynston & Co fosters a platform of collaboration where both trusted brands and the company can benefit, which makes gifting branded merchandise a win-win.

Wynston & Co's culture is based on hard work, community-building, and gratitude. It is no wonder that they have been thriving for more than four decades, bringing warmth to the corporate world. Learn more about their service to level up that gifting experience at https://wynstonandco.com.


About Wynston & Co

Wynston & Co has built strong partnerships with the world's most recognizable retail brands and customized them for the corporate world for over four decades. They have a gifting solution in-store that meets every target audience. The brand provides options of remarkably crafted items to customize with your company logo. Clients choose the products, and Wynston & Co works with the artisans and suppliers to customize them based on clients' specifications. Wynston & Co ships directly to clients, and they get to deal with real people.

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